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What Drives Foreign Exchange? Rate Differentials and More

While stock traders generally concentrate on price/earnings ratios, new line of product, income streams, and more, foreign exchange (forex) traders tend to drill down on economic growth and interest rate differentials to rate and rank the strength of worldwide currencies.

Advanced traders who are willing to dip their toes beyond the arena of stock trading will find a huge world in currency markets. The international foreign exchange markets are deep, liquid, and active, driven by worldwide economic trade in between countries, investment flows, and other factors. Forex markets can likewise be volatile and they're open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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FX Traders Greatly Influenced by 'Brexit' Polls However Should They Just Overlook Them?

Foreign currency traders using Pelican, a recently introduced App only trading network that combines a contracts for distinction (CFD) and spread betting execution platform with a social engine, has found that they are greatly influenced by Brexit opinion polling. Should the market get so hung up on this provided current differences in between the telephone and web Brexit surveys?

It nonetheless appears from internal information examined by Pelican’s platform, which is the very first of its kind to be authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offers trading in over 10,000 international markets, that forex traders have been shocked at the strength of the Leave project coming into the last couple of weeks before the UK mandate on EU subscription on 23 June.

As an outcome, the number of brief trades of all GBP/USD trades following surveys revealed that Leave surged to 93% ahead in mid-April 2016.

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Nordea Presents New FX Trading Platform e-Markets Nexus

As Finance Magnates just recently reported, the brand-new competition for forex brokers particularly in the institutional space could be originating from no place else but huge banks. While Nordea Markets is not the biggest bank in Europe and is definitely concentrated on a rather particular geographical area and customer mix, its customers have actually recently gained access an intriguing trading product.

Nordea Markets has just recently taken advantage of the specific niche of offering its clients with a thorough and simple to use foreign exchange trading platform. The name of the product is e-Markets Nexus and it is providing news, research, financial projections, and lastly FX trading to the customers of Nordea Markets.

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