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Nordea Presents New FX Trading Platform e-Markets Nexus

As Finance Magnates just recently reported, the brand-new competition for forex brokers particularly in the institutional space could be originating from no place else but huge banks. While Nordea Markets is not the biggest bank in Europe and is definitely concentrated on a rather particular geographical area and customer mix, its customers have actually recently gained access an intriguing trading product.

Nordea Markets has just recently taken advantage of the specific niche of offering its clients with a thorough and simple to use foreign exchange trading platform. The name of the product is e-Markets Nexus and it is providing news, research, financial projections, and lastly FX trading to the customers of Nordea Markets.

The firm is intending to keep its clients within its trading environment with a multi-device solution, a method that is extremely unconventional for a big bank such as Nordea. The company has likewise built in a set of tools for managing post-trade activities such as settlement directions.

Looking within the platform solution, one function stands apart the customers not only see the existing rates on the chart, however are likewise presented with a forecast of future moves in a given currency set.

e-Markets Nexus at a Glance

The e-Markets Nexus platform is web based and is compatible with a lot of modern-day browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The mobile solution is available for all significant sectors of the marketplace iPhone, iPad and Android devices are all supported.

Nordea Markets is the subsidiary of Nodea Bank that is focused on international markets. Clients of the firm have access to trading a broad variety of monetary instruments consisting of set income, currencies, commodities, equities, and others.

The firm’s headquarters remain in Copenhagen, however Nordea Markets likewise has operations in Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm, and local offices throughout the Baltics and in Poland, Russia, Singapore and the USA.

Nordea Bank has been created after a set of mergers in between a variety of Scandinavian banks. Aside from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the firm is now also growing strong in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

According to Nordea the e-Markets Nexus FX trading platform has actually been crafted by the bank in conjunction with the needs of its clients. With the multi-device support, the firm is opening access for customers to more active trading.

Customers of Nordea Markets not only can trade FX area rates but also forwards and swaps. The solution is totally free for clients of the company.

In addition to FX, the trading platform likewise provides information and research on other assets, however for the time being those are not tradable.